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Quickbooks Classes at Your Service

Learning QuickBooks is as easy as 123.

In the QuickBooks classes offered by Community Business College, students learn accounts payable, accounts receivable and payroll functions using America's most popular business software.

Take one of our classes and learn what the QuickBooks program can do for you.

Let the computer do the drudge work while you do what you do best - maintain the business.


Become certified!

Community Business College is the official Intuit QuickBooks testing center.

Becoming a certified user independently demonstrates your knowledge with an Intuit certificate

Accounts Payable

Everybody needs to pay the bills but keeping track of which bill is due when can be a chore. QuickBooks lets your computer do the worrying for you. Never pay another late fee with timed payments.

Accounts Receivable

Income from customers is the lifeblood of every business. Quickbooks helps keep track of customers, jobs, payments and even the appropriate taxes. With a well set up company file, the accounts receivables will be current and on the money.


Never used QuickBooks or any bookkeeping program? Community Business College is offering a 2-week class at no charge to the unemployed.*

Few things in a business are as complex as human resources and processing the payroll that goes with it. QuickBooks simplifies the tasks with downloadable tax tables and updates to make sure that your payroll is always up to date and as accurate as possible.

* Students must meet certain program qualifications. Call the college for more details.

Banking and other QuickBooks features

Quickbooks is loaded with features that few people use but probably would if they knew about them.

From reports that tell a business its financial health, to incorporating online banking into a business, QuickBooks can be a very handy program.

The new versions allow users to integrate QuickBooks with other programs like Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel. This gives users maximum flexibility and allows for customization of how QuickBooks is used.

Online Short Class - $89

These online QuickBooks classes are available:

  1. Introduction to QuickBooks

  2. Performing Payroll in QuickBooks

  3. QuickBooks for Contractors

  4. Intermediate QuickBooks

QuickBooks classes use QuickBooks versions 2009 through 2012.

 The college is a learning resource for QuickBooks Modesto.


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