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Gift Certificates


Gift certificates are a great way to give the gift of learning.

When someone learns something new, it's truly the gift that keeps on giving.

Why is it never too late to do literal last minute shopping?


Once receive your order of a gift certificate, remember the presentation is a huge plus. Here are some examples of how to prepare a gift certificate:

Candy Wrap Style

Roll the certificate, slide into a paper towel cardboard tube (a great way to recycle) and wrap with wrapping paper, twisting the ends like a big tootsie roll. Curl some ribbon around the ends.

Card Enclosure

This is the most common way to give a certificate. Put in an attractive card and write your own sentiment.


Diploma Style

Roll the certificate and secure with a ribbon. Plain, simple and easy.

Roll-Up In A Bag

Get a small gift bag, roll up your certificate and place it in the bag with a ribbon (see the Diploma Style above).



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