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How To Get Started In Game Development

                                                        A 6-week, online class.   

The six-week, project-based course is designed to help people with no experience in game development gain the skills they need to learn to design games in a wide variety of genres for different audiences and platforms.

There are different levels of proficiency in electronic game development. The process can be started at rudimentary levels with skills added on with time. This  innovative course focuses on learning the fundamentals of game development and provides overviews of game development processes, devices, and the people who play them.

The course also gives you an overview of game interface design. You'll learn the importance of interface design decisions to your game's success. You'll also find out information about the differences between interfaces based on game genre and gaming platform. and you'll have an idea of what interface components to include in your game and how to optimize user experiences.

What sets this course apart

In this instructor-led course, you'll learn why many games fail and how to ensure your games are positioned for success. During the course, you'll gain hands-on experience in many of the game development processes. By the end of the course, you'll have the experience and confidence to start developing your own game.


 Enrollment is now open with new class sessions starting each month..


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The Course Instructor

This course instructor  holds Master of Science degrees in both Education and Computer Science with doctoral work in Emerging Media. He has authored and edited numerous computer books. The instructor also has his own game development studio where he has created over 50 Web, desktop, and mobile games


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