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The DealSaver is a discount coupon program sponsored by the Modesto Bee newspaper. It's similar to the Living Social and Groupon discounts but it's focused on more local deals and businesses.

The Modesto DealSaver program got up and running in early July, although the McClatchy newspapers have been running it in other cities like Kansas City with great results. In order to get the Community Business College deal you must be a member of the  Modesto Bee DealSaver program. You can sign up at www.dealsaver.com/modesto. Right now they're having a promotion for a drawing for a free I-Pad 2 when you sign up.

The Community Business College DealSaver offer:

Maybe you're looking to find a better job in a better field. Maybe it's time you learned to use that computer sitting on your desk at home. Or maybe you want to learn Spanish or some other language to help you at work or as you travel.

Community Business College of Modesto offers a great array of classes at either its McHenry Avenue campus or over the web that will help you broaden and sharpen your skills. This offer gives you that, for just $29, a voucher that can be applied to a wide range of courses that cost $79.

You can learn several of the programs in the Microsoft Office suite, some of the most commonly used programs in business the world over. If that job listing says you need to know Microsoft Excel, one of these on-campus classes can help you qualify.

Get Yours FREE!
When 3 of your friends buy this deal you get your money back!*

Click HERE for info

Text Box: Get Yours FREE!
When 3 of your friends buy this deal you get your money back!*
Click HERE for info 

You also have a choice of learning several languages over the Web, including Spanish, French, Tagalog, Greek and many others. This deal is good for six-month classes valued at $94.00.

No matter which course you choose, your life will be enriched.



Certificates are valid from July 23, 2011, through Jan. 15, 2012. Valid on specified classes only:

On Campus Classes:

Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Microsoft PowerPoint and Quickbooks.

Online Classes:

Foreign language classes of six months or less

Sorry, no cash back for unused portion.

No refunds. All sales are final.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)s.


I like today's DealSaver deal - how do I get it?

Just click "BUY" before the offer ends at midnight. If the minimum number of people sign up, we'll charge your card and send you a link to print your DealSaver coupon.  


Do I need to use my DealSaver deal at Community Business College the same day I buy it?

No. Many DealSavers have an expiration date, but you never have to use them on the date of purchase.



I bought a DealSaver - how do I use it?

Once you're charged, you'll receive an email with a link to sign in and print your DealSaver. The DealSaverhas redemption instructions and a map right on it!



Can I really get my CBC DealSaver for free??

Yes. Here's how it works: After you buy your DealSaver deal, you can spread the word and when there of your friends buy this deal you get your money back!  After you purchase the deal, you’ll be given a unique web link to share with your friends. Spread the word! When your friends sign up for the deal. You will receive an email and a refund when 3 of your friends buy this deal. Refund applies to only one Deal per DealSaver offer.



Can I buy a DealSaver as a gift for someone else?

Yes. The DealSaver makes a great gift where everybody wins so gift away! To have us send them the gift, select the gift option at checkout.



If I don't use the full value of the DealSaver in one visit, can I use the remainder later?

Sorry, no. Unless otherwise stated you do not receive store credit or cash back for whatever you don't use. Bring a friend - share a little!



Can I combine my DealSaver with other offers or specials?

Sorry, no... not unless the deal specifically states otherwise. There may be future deals which can be combined so always check the details of each deal. If you are unsure, call the college administration office at (209) 529-3648.



Is DealSaver safe?

Extremely. Your credit card number is transmitted by SSL directly to a secure electronic vault. At no time is your credit card information stored on our servers.



Can I return a DealSaver?

Read this, and then if you want, give us a call: (877) 788-7858.



What happens if my DealSaver expires?

All is not lost if you don't redeem your DealSaver until after its expiration! Once a DealSaver reaches its expiration date, it loses its promotional value, but you can still redeem it at the price you paid for the length of time stated by gift certificate laws in your state.



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