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                A Community Business College project to train the unemployed


 The Project

Community Business College has been offering classes to unemployed residents of California's Central Valley for the past 18 years. The funding for the adult high school diploma completion classes is running out and the school is turning to the Internet's crowdfunding innovation to help out.

The goal of the project is to raise funds and offer perks to build support to continue this successful program in 2015. The local newspaper and a bank have offered their services if the project is successful. This training program is provided to the recipients at no cost except a request to “pay it forward” by contributing once they get a job and to serve as a mentor to children. This particular project is a community service program the college designed to replace the state-funding that has disappeared due to the economic downturn and budget cuts.

What is crowdfunding?

 As with crowd-funding  projects, the “High School Completion” project relies on the combined efforts of individuals who contribute to the project through the project’s website. A little contribution by a lot of people can make a big difference. For their support, the contributor receives a thank you perk.

The Perks

Contributors receive a customized perk for their level of participation. This project offers “Thank U!” graduate teddy bears, college T-shirts, rubber ducks and other rewards for participating.


Click HERE to become a contributor

How you can help

The most direct way for people to help out, is to contribute to the project and get your perk.

Since money is tight these days, the other way to help out the project is to help us spread the word. Click on the crowd funding project link and "like" us on Facebook. Help us spread the word by e-mailing the link to others.



The Perks

When you contribute to this project, we will send you a "thank you" perk. These are special items to say thanks for helping us help those in need.

Here are the perks you can receive:



This is the official T-shirt of CBC with logo.

Shirts are slate grey with colored imprint. You can choose from small, medium, large and extra-large at checkout.

Click here to get this perk


  CBC Teddy Bear

This cute teddy bear is the one we've used for our auctions at graduation. The gown is embroidered with a big "Thank U!" from Community Business College for helping us help others.

Click here to get this perk


  Two Thumbs Up From CBC

This set is a great way to show your support. It includes a "thumbs up" pen with a "thumbs up" trophy. Both of these come together to make this a perk that's double the fun.

Click here to get this perk now



  Pair of Rubber Duckies

You get a pair of these graduating rubber duckies, one formal and one informal. It's our way of saying thanks of helping spread the word about the importance of education.

Click here to get this perk now




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